90 Days in Ahousaht – Charlie

Hello friends and family, it has probably been awhile since you have heard from me last, so I will try to fill you in on what has been going on over the last 90 days. We have been in Ahousaht for just over three months. Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to grow so much in my faith. We have had the opportunity to go on daily prayer walks, lead and participate in bible studies, serving God and the community of Ahousaht every opportunity given, and be in God’s word daily. These opportunities have really helped build my relationship with God!

In addition to my growing relationship with God, He has also presented us with many opportunities to grow our relationship with the people around us. I have had the privilege of going fishing with Harvey, learning to a drive a water taxi, helping with search and rescue for Richard and Travis, and volunteering at a campground. These have all been God given ways for us to help and serve the community. God has definitely been keeping Bryce and I busy over these last 90 days. We have gotten to experience so many things that we wouldn’t have had the chance to experience at home.

We are currently working on creating a weekly bible study/discipleship, with a group of teenagers. Right now we have two that are committed to our discipleship meetings, and we have a couple more that are considering joining.

Prayer Requests  

  • Pray for our weekly peer bible study, that we could have more teenagers willing to come.
  • Pray that God will open opportunities for me to volunteer and serve.
  • Pray for Travis (one of the Ahousaht locals), he is been missing for over 40 days. Pray for his safety and the safety of the searchers.
  • Pray that I will continue to grow in my faith


Thank you all of supporting me on my journey, please continue to support me with prayer as I continue to live in the community of ahousaht over these next several months. Kleco, kleco chuu

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  1. Great to hear from you, Bryce. Praying for you especially as you move into the winter gray. I know you will be sustained by your commitment to the people there, but especially to our Lord. Blessings!

  2. Charlie:

    Sounds like you are digging in the trenches, (little soldier talk) keep trusting in God for your everyday journey. We will pray for doors to be opened, like some of the teenagers that need to come in and find rest for their souls. That salmon was awesome, did you catch it? How cold has it been? We have had warmer weather than usual, it has been 70 up to a few weeks ago. Where do you meet for Sunday services, and your other activities? Well that’s it for now Charlie, God Bless You,

    George Hagerhjelm
    1st Peter 5:7


    Look under Matters of Faith, good resourse for you.

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