Back in Ahousaht! May Ahousaht Update


Hello friends and supporters! Bryce here, writing from Ahousaht in my last couple months of my time here. A lot has changed lately in the last leg of this trip and I feel all of you who have been supporting me deserve to be informed. As some of you may have heard, my partner for the last 3 months, Michael, decided to stay home instead of returning during our visit back home in April/May. While it would be better to have a conversation with him about his decision if you want details, I’ll say this much – he felt as if he was not holding himself to a proper standard to be a spiritual leader in Ahousaht so he is staying home to work on his heart and faith as necessary. Prayer for him would be appreciated.   The mission goes on though! My heart for the Ahousaht people and the boys we’ve grown so close to over the last year has not changed and I’m eager to be up here to be used for whatever God wants in this brief period. I am up here alone for my last 8 weeks in Ahousaht, but I still have tons of people around and even more supporting me from home. 

There was definitely concern about me living up here alone, but I think at least my fears have been dispelled pretty quickly. I was pretty concerned about feeling lonely in the rather large Lighthouse, but there’s hardly been a lonely moment. Between having the group over to hang out, visiting families or all the community events, I am rarely idle and alone. On top of all that, I’ve received a tremendous outpour of prayer, support and love from my friends and family back home. It really makes it so much easier, so thank you to all of you.

chili cheese fries
Making our signature Chili Cheese Fries – it’s become a bit of a tradition in the Lighthouse at this point

I’ve been enjoying the turn in weather immensely. It makes a huge difference when you’re warm and sunbathing for quiet time vs. shivering in a raincoat or sitting inside and watching the terrible weather. There’s been lots of swimming, basketball and hanging out outside. I’m hoping I’ll be tan enough to blend in as a local soon enough. The springtime nature is also wonderful. I didn’t realize how many colorful and gorgeous flowers there were hiding in the greens of Ahousaht until now.

It’s been a lot of fun being back as well. The community hosted a huge feast this week, inviting schools from all over B.C. to partake in and share songs and dances from their culture. On the 29th of May, there was an all-day event with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with everyone performing and singing and having a good time. One of my favorite things living here has been learning about the culture and seeing things I never would’ve seen in my entire life. I got to watch my friends perform the dances they’d been practicing and hear all the songs that have been passed down over the years. After the feast was finished, I even got a sweet native designed drum to take home! They also gave me some homemade plum jam which is honestly some of the best homemade jam I’ve had.

My very own drum!

I’m planning on starting up our Bible story meetings again this Sunday. We get to pair our meetings with the NBA finals for a short amount of time, so it really is back to being Bible Ball like it was first intended now. Please be praying for our meetings as we’re going to start delving into the gospels and Jesus’ time on earth!

Thank you all for your constant support and prayers during my time up here in Ahousaht. You guys help hold me up on the hard days and make the good days great with your prayers.

Love and appreciate all of you! Please be praying for the following things.


Prayer Requests

Pray for my remaining time here to play a part in the transformation of the lives of Xavier, Chaasta, Lennox, Brandon, Jeremy, Matthias and Moses. Whether I see it or not, pray that God uses me to move and impact them however it’s needed.


Pray for comfort in my remaining time. It already can feel lonely being on the island, and being alone in the building probably won’t help with that in the long run. Pray that I can persevere and finish the race in stride until I come home in July.

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